Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Even More Vacation Highlights

Here are a few highlights of my trip so far...

Here are Jeff and Miriam Payne posing across the lagoon at EPCOT from Italy...still in love after 31 years of marriage...and I was even in their wedding way back when....some friendships do really last a lifetime!

Here Miriam is trying to remind me that being fifty-two isn't all that bad...could be worse...then again, the lady was only sleeping...we didn't move on until we saw her move!

On the way to EPCOT, Miriam let me know about other famous people having my birthday! Wow, Abe Vigoda and me have the same birthday!

Ever wanted to know what a $2.99 Coke looked like???? OUCH!!! How these people can live with themselves is beyond me! At Universal, AFTER you pay for a ticket you still have $12 for parking, $20 for an "express" pass to bypass the long lines, and even, if you really want to splurge, $5.00 for a lanyard to hold your express pass! Miriam and I split a $9.00 double hamburger...Jeff splurged on his very own salad!

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